The CoSMo Company is a global technology company that helps the C-suite make optimal decisions.

Through our unique methodology, we model and then simulate complex scenarios to accurately predict the outcome of events even if those events have never happened before.

And we deliver interconnected insights that tell you how each part of your organization would be affected by your potential choices so you can make the best decisions for your company.

What we do goes way beyond big data and data science to decision management. We transform companies by giving them reliable insights into the future.

Our Technology


It’s Time to Take Advantage of Complexity

Making decisions is a key part of every executive’s job. Being able to weigh the pros and cons, analyze the right data, listen to the right voices and know what to exclude in order to cut through the noise is a skill set that every C-suite executive must have. But in an increasingly complex business world, it’s not enough to have the ability to just make a decision. You also need to be able to make the optimal decision every time – and that’s a lot harder to do.

CoSMo’s technology allows the C-suite to extract the value inherent in their complex industrial systems and leverage it by making the optimal strategic decision every time. This technology, then, is something beyond mere business intelligence, big data, or data science; instead, it is a unique, industry validated decision management technology that leaders of some of the world’s biggest businesses are already coming to rely on.

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Organizations face tremendous pressure to leverage the use of Big Data. However, such leverage requires to transform raw data into organized knowledge and clear insights. At CoSMo we are convinced that if Big Data can be useful in some cases, Big Understanding should be the #1 concern!

Our revolutionary platform gives access to deeper understanding of systems by breaking the silos to build systemic digital applications, in which all systems are interconnected. By modelling the systems as they are in real life, CoSMo makes it possible to run multiple simulations on different scenarios, to evaluate the consequences of a decision and be able to optimize it.

The groundbreaking results of this revolutionary approach have rocket to unprecedented levels of return on investment.