Featured Products

We develop system-driven applications that help the C-suite make optimal decisions. What we do goes way beyond Big Data and Data Science to Decision Management. We transform companies by giving them reliable insight into the future.

Asset Investment Optimization – AIO

Asset Investment Optimization is a new generation asset investment planning solution dedicated to electricity, oil & gas, transport and water T&D operators who want to improve the performance of their strategic capital planning decisions.

SEP – Smart Energy Planning

SEP is a powerful urban planning optimization tool that enables local authorities and urban energy stakeholders to model, simulate and optimize in the long term urban energy infrastructure plans holistically

Other solutions

Our Professional Services teams support the largest industrial organizations in their digital transformation with revolutionary approach and technology dedicated to complex systems modeling and simulation


We provide powerful solutions that help power suppliers and network operators test numerically the implementation of innovative technologies and business models in order to run their business more effectively.


CoSMo Fluid helps water utilities better prepare and manage their network in case of major crisis through the implementation of dynamic reconfiguration scenarios.


CoSMo HIRO solutions help energy intensive industries get a better understanding of complex and multi scale industrial processes in order to find global optimums and decrease use of resources. 


CoSMo bioproduction solutions help R&D and production departments of pharmaceutical and biotech companies to optimize globally the strain, processes and scale-up trio.


We help city stakeholders measure and optimize the global impact of their decisions on cities’ key performance indicators in the short and long term.

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