We are hiring!

We are constantly looking for motivated and talented people to help us build the solutions that will radically transform the way industries deal with their most complex systems!



At CoSMo, we believe technology can change the world and that our software will be the key factor to find solutions to complex systems management. From developers and programmers to our office staff, our highly skilled international team is working together to produce the most innovative modeling software platform ever. The CoSMo Company has the vision to bring a best in class service, advisory and tools to its customers faced with an increasing level of complexity. Bringing this vision to life requires unique knowledge in key scientific, engineering and technical areas: complex systems modeling, numerical analysis, software architecture and design, programming, bio programming and graphic user interfaces. If you are result driven, creative and want to work in a highly stimulating work environment, then you should definitely join us!



Our team see positively and encourage diversity across geographic, cultural and functional boundaries. We are always trying to reach our full potential by doing and learning whenever we fail.

Wondering what’s our secret? That’s simple. With a combination of smiles, happiness and jokes, we invest every day in our most important asset: OPTIMISM!


Our company makes a difference by combining our employees’ expertise in a wide range of fields with our unique technology dedicated to the systemic modeling and simulation of complex systems.

We are 100% focused on real-world complex challenges and strive to deliver operational systemic solutions that will help our clients create a better world. We push the frontiers of modeling and simulation to achieve high impact.


Commonalities, including a shared vision, enables us to learn and grow from sharing various points of view, and to ensure that many different opinions and beliefs are part of our professional and personal enrichment. It serves as a foundation for building bridges leading to outstanding synergies from individual differences.


The team spirit is important for us to ensure that everybody plays a role in the development of the company, with a collective drive. We encourage this by sharing extra moments together.

To deliver projects successfully, which requires discipline, effort and creativity, we make a point at CoSMo of sharing all skills available.


Ensuring that our partners and clients are successful is the recipe for our success. Of course, our attention is also drawn on them to understand the challenges they are facing and to be sure that every project we lead adds value to their business.

We also pay attention to respect the commitments made to our customers and to set priorities, meet deadlines and achieve goals, striving for excellence.


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