Systemic Asset Investment Optimization

CoSMo Asset Investment Optimization is a new generation asset investment planning solution dedicated to utilities with an ultimate goal of improving the performance of their strategic capital planning decisions. Network operators are set under a growing pressure to deliver a high quality of customer service while controlling OPEX & CAPEX and mitigating risk.
In this context, CoSMo Asset Investment Optimization assists strategic planners to make better and more informed maintenance and investment decisions by simultaneously integrating constraints emerging from each assets, the network, human resources and finance into a single simulation application.

 A 360° View on your Operations

Asset Investment Planning solutions are bridging the gap between Finance, Corporate Strategy, Regulators on one side, and Asset Management, Network Constraints and Operational Performance on the other. It provides strategic planners, CFOs and asset managers with a coupled and unified image of their systems, enabling them to create what-if scenarios of multiple maintenance and investment plans, and to measure their impact over different time horizons on KPIs such as OPEX, CAPEX, Risk, environment, operation conflicts and more.

Unlike existing solutions that consider systems locally and in silos, CoSMo brings a holistic and dynamic approach which allows us to optimize the system globally in view of achieving the best results for our transmission assets.

Olivier Grabette, Deputy CEO @RTE

Optimize your capital planning decisions

Identify OPEX and CAPEX reduction opportunities in your maintenance and renewal strategies while controlling risk and delivering optimal quality of customer service.

Optimize the OPEX and CAPEX balance between different asset classes, according to a constraint budget. Measure the impact of delaying maintenance or investment on your network performance in time.

Measure and control the global impact of your maintenance and investment strategies over multiple time horizons. Identify critical path, reduce operational conflicts and avoid cascading effects

Leverage detailed simulation results to document your CAPEX and OPEX requirements and improve the communition with regulators by providing auditable and repeatable investment plans

All screenshots above are based on fictive data set for demonstration only

A unique simulation platform dedicated to Asset Investment Optimization


Build seamless asset management plans that achieve the best balance between costs, risks and available resources, while maintaining an optimal level of grid availability and service quality


Get a deeper understanding of the interactions between maintenance and renewal policies, organizational and financial constraints, and leverage industry good practices together with your experts’ knowledge from across different domains in a single platform


Simulate what-if scenarios supporting your investment decisions with a measurement of their impacts on your short and long term KPIs, and taking into account the dynamic and temporal evolution of the systems and their couplings


Leverage detailed simulation results to document your CAPEX and OPEX requirements and improve the communication with regulators by providing auditable and repeatable plans


Reduce resource allocation conflicts and satisfy everyone’s objectives with plans integrating different organizational systems’ requirements


Implement a dynamic, fast and intuitive simulation and optimization platform, built with network operators, for network operators.

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