Project Description


Despite a growing interest in synthetic biology for both the energy and chemical industries, industrial biotechnology is still trying to demonstrate its economic relevance. A reason for that is the complexity of living organisms which make it very difficult to manage and control. The scale-up from laboratory to massive production always leads to a significant increase in the interactions between living organisms and cropping systems and a sharp decrease in yields at the same time. Unknown properties consequently emerge, representing new challenges for cell culture that cannot be addressed with current empirical approaches based on a few experimental tests. Given the complexity of this challenge, these expensive methods have showed their limits and do not even guarantee results.


CoSMo has developed an innovative solution conciliating the issues faced by each player of the value chain: from the molecular biologist to the production director, specialists in fermentation. Although they are all part of the same process, they have very different objectives. CoSMo Bioprod is thus an effective software which supports key players in green chemistry to achieve their goals while guarantying the adequacy and accuracy of the process. So far, CoSMo Bioprod is the only CAD (Computer Assisted Design) solution dedicated to synthetic biology that takes into account industrial production constraints. This decision support tool is thought to be a center of expertise where consensus can be found between the different levels of interest.


Developing a holistic approach of the whole value chain

Based on a unique technology dedicated to complex systems, CoSMo Bioprod is the first software providing both development & process engineers and bioproducers with a tool that combines three different approaches: biological, physical and economical. Coupling together these heterogeneous subsystems creates a holistic and accurate numerical representation of the value chain and makes the discussion between R&D and production easier. This holistic approach is required for the global optimization process and represents a powerful decision support tool when integrated with an intuitive graphic user interface.

Running simulations on the process and control costs

CoSMo Bioprod offers its users the possibility to test the impact of different scenarios on KPIs of interest such as the up-front development costs and the production costs related to the expected yield. The key point is the ability to couple the optimization of the cell culture with that of a stem cell. CoSMo Bioprod enables green chemistry players to evaluate whether the selected process is realistic or not. It also helps identify the weaknesses of the value chain and then enables huge savings through an effective control of production constraints.

Extend the model to match both biological and economic reality

CoSMo Bioprod provides decision makers with a tool that fits their activities as it makes a clear distinction between conceptual and instantiated models. This approach, which proves to be very modular, allows a high level of customization namely with model extensions. For instance, metabolism, gene regulation or molecular process within a cell are specific models that can be gradually added in the global modelling. These extensions are essential to refine the model that has finally to match the biological and economic realities.


Project Overview

CoSMo bioproduction solutions help R&D and production departments of pharma and biotech companies  optimize globally the trio strain, processes and scale-up.