Project Description


As a result of rapid global population growth, the delivery of water is becoming a complex logistic and economic issue. Water utilities struggle not only to deliver sufficient water volumes to consumers but also to maintain a suitable quality of clean water. In addition to those challenges, utilities must control the reaction of their water networks to external disruptions (drought, flood, energy shortage, nuclear accident, pollution, malicious attacks, water shortage) that might prove tragic for inhabitants, industries, agriculture or sensitive sites such as hospitals.


In order to face the water challenges of tomorrow, CoSMo has developed a breakthrough solution that introduces a new kind of water management intelligence. This solution helps water utilities to prepare their emergency plans optimally and be more reactive in times of crises. Based on a unique predictive analytics platform dedicated to complex systems, our solution enables decision makers to improve the resilience and robustness of their water networks by simulating the impact of various emergency scenarios and finding the most adequate answers.



CoSMo Fluid enables water utilities to simulate numerically the behaviors of their network by changing the input parameters’ values of the model, previously developed and instantiated with their data. Analyzing various scenarios and observing their outputs on KPIs of interest help utilities make better decisions on a daily, weekly and yearly basis and allow them to reach optimal values on those KPIs.


Anticipation of problems

In addition to optimization, analyzing what-if scenarios enables to test water networks’ robustness and resilience to expected and unexpected events. It can for instance predict what happens when specific valves are closed or when the network is struck by a natural disaster. CoSMo Fluid will thus help utilities avoid damages, prevent and find solutions to unpredictable issues.


Optimization of crisis management

The knowledge acquired through CoSMo simulations enables utilities to be prepared for every possibility. In case of a crisis or emergency situation, CoSMo Fluid helps utilities find the most reasonable backup plan and facilitates quick decisions that can save their network from critical damages and contaminations. Examples of decisions enhanced by CoSMo Fluid are: adequate sizing and numbering of backup pumping stations, finding optimized strategies to close valves to prevent cisterns from drying up and being backflushed, optimizing water emergency transport and delivery from distribution points to critical buildings.



Project Overview

CoSMo Fluid helps water utilities better prepare facing major crisis, by assessing dynamic network reconfiguration scenarios to optimize their management.