Project Description


As a result of price volatility in commodities, the Heavy Industry sector is constantly under severe cost pressure. In this context, companies are continuously challenged to optimize the existing processes and forced to improve their efficiency rates. Trying to save on operating costs, companies focus primarily on energy and resource use optimization. The challenge for now is to minimize costs without losing product quality.

Heavy industries need to better predict and optimize electrical consumption / production in order to avoid huge penalties from electricity providers.


In order to face those challenges, CoSMo has developed a breakthrough solution that helps its customers to both decrease the Opex of their processes while increasing their efficiency, thanks to numerical simulations based on complex systems modeling. By providing a better understanding of the petrochemical industry processes, CoSMo HIRO results in reducing energy and resource bills but also to control the environmental impact of their processes on KPIs such as GHG emissions, water footprint, pollutants and hazardous emissions.

CoSMo HIRO couples and analyzes globally oil, steam and electricity networks, while taking into account the given list of manufacturing programs. The solution actually captures the dynamics of steam, electricity consumption and production between manufacturing programs. This leads to better predictions and better decision support especially when optimizing configuration and use of turbine power generation.


Understanding petrochemical industry processes as a complex system

CoSMo HIRO is based on a sophisticated modeling approach dedicated to complex systems. The solution aims at enabling operation managers to model and simulate, from a high level point of view, the short and long term behavior of very complex systems. CoSMo HIRO makes it possible to couple heterogeneous models together for a global approach of the system. Decision makers can thus observe and simulate all the interactions between various elements across different space and time scales, from the equipment unit to the process and the plant (using concepts such as entity, graph, compounding and scheduler).


Predicting and improving resources and energy consumption

CoSMo HIRO boosts resource efficiency on the short and long term by enabling operations managers simulate industrial processes of their choices. Resource consumption such as steam, commodities and energy are thus accurately planned based on a better prediction of energetic needs. More specifically, a better energy prediction leads to significant reduction in electricity penalties. Moreover, the operation managers can test various improvement decisions through what-if scenarios. According to the results, they can make precise adjustments and optimization processes that will drive production costs to decrease by optimizing the use of individual pieces of equipment (boilers, pressure valves, vents, turbo generators, condensing turbines).

CoSMo HIRO also provides decision support in case of failure or maintenance of turbines in the steam network depending on custom steam dispatching rules.


Project Overview

CoSMo HIRO solutions help energy intensive industries  get a better understanding of complex and multi scale industrial processes in order to find global optimums and decrease their use of resources.