Project Description


Production and distribution of electricity has been centralized for decades in unidirectional flows from supplier to consumer. This one-way situation is yet being disrupted by three phenomena: integration within the grid of intermittent renewable energies, new energy storage capabilities (such as electric cars or new generation batteries) as well as smarter grid equipment. The grid is consequently evolving towards a more decentralized and multidirectional configuration. While opening the way to higher efficiency and smarter consumption, this trend is also making the electric grid much more complex to design, operate and maintain. Facing with such complexity, traditional approaches based on simplification and siloed representation of the systems cannot work anymore.


CoSMo Smart Grid solution facilitates this energy transition by providing an accurate model taking into account three different stakeholders: consumers (ranging from individual housing, to large industrial facilities or even electric vehicles), suppliers (ranging from traditional production means, to renewable energies or storage capacities) and exchange market places. By representing and simulating the utmost complexity of the system, CoSMo allows utilities and smart grid operators amongst others to: reduce operating costs by improving smart grid design, optimize strategic investments by better predicting supply and demand and increase revenues by improving network reliability and distributed energy.


Global overview on the grid

CoSMo Smart Grid makes it possible to study and optimize smart evolutions at different levels. At the highest level (regional or national) it can help find supply demand balance between different production areas, taking into account various sources of energy production. At the lowest level it can represent and simulate the complex behaviors of a micro-grid installation in a particular neighborhood. With our solution, strategic planners can focus on any part of the model or consider them simultaneously.


Years of operations in seconds

CoSMo Smart Grid enables electricity stakeholders to quickly configure different initial conditions and design scenarios that can involve heterogeneous systems such as production mix, consumption or demand response. Those scenarios can then be tested numerically thanks to CoSMo’s fast and efficient simulation engine that can simulate years of exploitation in seconds. Results of simulations make it possible to quickly assess the consequences of their decisions on KPIs such as energy cost, network short term and long term reliability, operating costs, GHG emissions, energy export income, …


Designing and optimizing micro-grids

Designing optimally a micro-grid requires to be able to take into account and couple inter-connected and heterogeneous subsystems such as storage systems, renewable energies, local energy markets and smart devices. CoSMo Smart Grid solution facilitates the coupling of those subsystems in a single model with simulations. Smart Grid designers can then test various scenario configurations in order to optimize the design of micro-grids through a better calibration of the equipment and smart management software rules. It also leads to testing the impact of various pricing policy scenarios.


Project Overview

We provide powerful solutions that help power suppliers and network operators test numerically the implementation of innovative technologies and business models in order to run their businesses more effectively.