Project Description


Today 3.5 billion people across the globe live in cities – a number that will double by 2050 according to the United Nations. Rethinking the “cities of tomorrow” is urgent and will need to take into account urban challenges such as demographic growth, gentrification, waste treatment, traffic congestion, real estate and many more. Being able to minimize risks and optimize long-term performance of urban development strategies proves precious for every city stakeholder ranging from key decision-makers to urban dwellers. Reaching these goals will lead to higher economic development and better quality of life, which will further enhance cities’ attractiveness.


In order to better prepare cities for the challenges of tomorrow, CoSMo has developed an innovative solution that helps city stakeholders to optimize the impact of their urban development decisions using numerical simulations. By enabling the coupling of heterogeneous systems such as water, electricity, transport or land use, our solution provides decision makers with a holistic view of the impact of their projects on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as GHG emissions, traffic congestion or real estate prices.


Holistic approach of the city

Adopting a holistic approach of the city is challenging since it requires to be able to integrate highly diverse subsystems within different time and space scales and that are highly interconnected. Energy, water and transport networks, as well as housing development, are examples of such heterogeneous subsystems that describe both static and dynamic aspects of the city. CoSMo Urban Planning enables city stakeholders to simulate the city in its entire complexity by coupling all those subsystems in one single platform.


Evaluating and optimizing the impact of infrastructure decisions on the city

CoSMo Urban Planning enables strategic planners to measure and optimize the impact of infrastructure decisions on the city. Thanks to what-if scenario simulations – based on a systemic view of the city – our solution provides accurate prediction results and makes it possible to perform not only local, but also global optimization process. With our solution, city stakeholders can thus take evidence-based decisions and analyze the impact of their decisions on the main KPIs (such as population density, CO2 emissions, traffic congestion). All this makes it easier and safer to implement long-term strategic plans involving the collaboration of many actors operating in different fields.


Create insightful visualization and compelling stories

CoSMo Urban Planning solution results can be easily integrated into powerful 2D/3D visualization tools such as Esri City Engine, Autodesk Infraworks or QGIS. These tools provide city stakeholders with an insightful experience and make the results easy to understand, share and communicate. The models designed then become real and decision makers can project themselves into 1 to 20-year city simulations.


Project Overview

We help city stakeholders measure and optimize the global impact of their decisions on cities’ key performance indicators in the short and long term. This enables them to improve the efficiency of their resource consumption as well as inhabitants’ quality of life.