Since its invention in France’s best research centers, we have been working hard to keep developing the incredible potential of our technology !

Capturing the essence of complexity is not simple. It is actually a huge challenge. Indeed it requires to couple together heterogeneous systems, integrate their dynamics which can potentially represent millions of entities, and take into account various space and time scales.


And yet CoSMo chose to rise to this challenge because solving this problem will open a new era in the way we design and manage those systems. It will enable us to improve our understanding of their short and long term evolutions and as well as open new opportunities for large scale optimization processes that were so far impossible.

In order to solve it, we had to start from scratch and create a unique, proprietary language dedicated to the modeling and simulation of such complex systems. It would enable us to describe those systems as they really are and as they really behave in the real world. This language is the achievement of years of R&D by the best french scientists in this field. We called it CoSML for Complex Systems Modeling Language.

To give life to this language and lead it to model creation and corresponding automatized simulation software generation we developed a user-friendly software platform, named CoSMo Simulation Suite (or CSS). Its spirit of genericity makes it fit to model complex systems in any field: energy, biology, urban planning or any one you choose. Futhermore, by its robustness and speed it targets industrial scale application(s)

Once created and validated thanks to CSS, the models are finally integrated into powerful domain-specific applications that enable domain expert to “play” with the model: run what-if simulations and perform large scale optimization seamlessly – and without knowing anything about complex systems, programming or modeling languages.

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